Regarding your recent payment, while your portal shows a payment of $0.00, the correct amount we received is $0.00, due to a one-time promotional offer for the free (test name) with your order. However, the portal is displaying it as a charge when in fact it was a gift we extended to you at no charge. Please verify with your credit card company or bank. 

To clarify, please see the attached payment system screenshot and your receipt at the bottom of this email, both confirming the $0.00 payment. 

We were in the process of applying the credit to your account; however, there is an existing dispute in our payment system. We value your business and wish to continue providing you with our services.

To continue our partnership, we kindly ask that you address the dispute and close it out so we can promptly issue the credit. 

Unfortunately, if the dispute remains unresolved, it would regrettably impact our ability to continue offering our services in the future.