Refunds under these promotions can be claimed if, and only if all the following conditions are met:

1. The patient is a first-time customer (determined by personal details and not just the email address)

2. The order does not contain STD tests or Sickle Cell tests

3. There are no "high", "low", "abnormal", "alert" or "critical" flags in your test results. A flag is determined by comparing the result levels to the normal ranges for your gender and age

4. The order date is on or after 4/28/2022, and specimens were collected within 90 days of the order date

To file a claim, within 15 days of your results being posted to your order, open a ticket at using the subject "Money Back Guarantee" and provide us with your order number, we will take it from there.

The "free if we don't find anything", "90 day money-back guarantee" promotions may end at any time at our discretion. If you purchased your lab before we end the money-back guarantee, but you request your refund after we end the guarantee, you are still entitled to a refund as long as you meet the criteria above.