Yes. We do service many Canadians, but not in Canada directly. If you come to the United States you can access all our services with no trouble at all, there’s just a few requirements.


Please note that you must go to one of our authorized Quest locations or authorized LabCorp locations for specimen collection. 


On checkout, provide a valid address in the U.S. for the patient information. This address can be family, friends, or the place you are staying within the United States. 


Please be aware that we can’t provide services in the states of or for residents of the states of NY, NJ, or RI.  


You would need to go to a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics location within one of the states listed on our website.


Since you’ll be traveling to get tested, we suggest you call the patient service center you’ll be using to verify the lab has not moved or changed its hours of operation.  You can find their contact info on your receipt we will provide. There are over 4,000 locations, so don’t worry it’s easy to find one. 


Lastly, please keep in mind that many times credit cards issued outside of the U.S. will require one of our customer support team members to manually process the charge. Therefore, if your credit card is declined when placing your order online, just call our office for assistance at +1-877-283-7882.