Hello there, lab-explorer! Curious about how our service works? It's as smooth as your favorite playlist.

  1. Pick your tests

Choose the tests you need and place your order. We’ll handle the prescription (doctors order) on our end after you place the order & you’ll receive it via email. There is no need to visit a doctor. Easy-peasy!

  1. Choose the lab nearest you 

  2. Book your appointment

After you’ve completed your order, you can schedule your lab appointment. Hassle free, just pick a date & time that suits you.

  1. Email confirmation

You'll receive an email confirming both your lab order & lab appointment. Check your main inbox, and if it's playing hide-and-seek, peek in the spam folder.

  1. Email goodies

Inside the email, you'll find useful info like fasting instructions and a link to your private patient portal. It's your HQ for managing orders & finding answers to any burning questions.

  1. Lab day

Off to the lab you go, with your trusty ID in tow so we can make sure it’s you. 

Skip the paperwork drama: No need to print or fax anything; the lab team will find your order using your ID. As long as your name and birthdate match, you're good to go.

  1. Results reveal

Once your results are ready, we'll ping you via email and text with a direct link to your patient portal. One click, and you're in,  ready to face your results like a champ!

So, there you have it! Getting your blood draw done with us is as easy as ordering a pizza, but it comes with great insights about your health.