Your order never expires.

Due to regulations we can't get around, your requisition (the paperwork for your order) technically does expire after 6 months. But don't worry, when you're ready for your tests, we'll simply issue a new one for free.

Because there is a cost to us involved in re-issuing your requisition, please only ask for a new requisition when you're sure you'll be heading to the lab. If we think this rule is being taken advantage of, we might not issue new requisitions.

Also, kindly note that you can't transfer a reissued requisition to someone else. 

If the lab order has expired and the test prices have increased, we may issue a credit for the original order so you can reorder your panel at the updated prices.

Under certain circumstances, such as abuse or too many re-issues, we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee for re-issuing orders.