Faxing your requisition to the lab is no longer required. The PSC (Patient Service Center) will be able to locate your Private MD Labs lab order in their system. All you need to take with you is any form of government ID.

If any issues arise at the lab and the lab order/requisition can’t be located or you just want to fax the requisition for added peace of mind, you can do it by following the instructions below. The estimated time for a fax to be sent is roughly 2-3 minutes.

Faxing the requisition:
You can fax your requisition 2 ways.

1. Find the email that has your requisition attached and click the button as shown below:

2. Go to your patient portal and click on “Requisition” as shown below:
Now, click on “Send fax”. See image below for reference:
Any of these ways will take you to the faxing page. You’ll just need to click on “Fax your requisition” and that’s it!

You can also contact our lightning-fast support team at 754-799-7833 and they’ll be ready to help.